Blog 1 Instructions: Design Analysis

First, welcome to our course blog! Although we will explore the full publishing process this semester, we will start by analyzing the end goal: a published project.

Publishing projects, especially today, can take many forms: print books, E-books, magazines (online or print), blogs, websites, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. But they all have one thing in common: they have to be usable and appealing to their intended audiences.

As a result, our first array of blog posts will analyze and explore what makes a design effective.

To complete this blog, choose a publication that you admire, whether a particular print book, a single magazine issue, a blog, or an online journal issue. Then, step back, think about the published object as a work of art, and explicate what makes that design effective.

Considering elements such as typeface, layout, size, paper weight, and use of images, your blog should address the following questions:

  • Who is the audience? How does the design appeal to that audience?
  • How does the layout aid readability and understanding?
  • How do images clarify and enhance the text?
  • What mood does the design evoke? How do the design elements work together to create that mood?

Your post should include textual analysis as well as images that illustrate your observations.

We will begin sharing our blogs here on Friday, January 20th.