Blog Assignment 1- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Maddy Shamburger

I chose to evaluate the 25th Anniversary cover of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

  • Who is the audience? How does the design appeal to that audience?

The audience that the author and publishers intended to reach with this book cover were readers who are late teens and college students but with saying that, I am aware of many older adults being submerged into the world that Coelho has created with this book. The design appeals to this audience because it is a more colorful cover along with it having a drawn picture on the front of it. The back cover offers a picture of a moon while the front cover depicts a sun. This allows readers a more colorful view for both the front and back of the book.

  • How does the layout aid readability and understanding?

The layout of this book is much like a normal novel layout. It aids readability because this book is divided into different parts. Unlike chapters, when an author divides their story into parts it allows the reader to read the biggest parts of the story in the order they come in without stopping the reader mid conflict. This also helps with understanding because it allows the reader to intake more of the story line without having to take a pause ever 15-20 pages.

  • How do images clarify and enhance the text?

Since it is a traditional book layout there are very few pictures. The pictures that the book does contain are small black and white illustrations that depict what is happening within the text which gives the reader a visual to go with the words they are reading. So yes, the images clarify and enhance the text.

  • What mood does the design evoke? How do the design elements work together to create that mood?

The mood that the design evokes is an adventurous one. It creates a cover that looks like the character(s) are going to embark on a journey within the black and white text of the book. The design elements work together to create that mood because the cover includes what looks to be an excerpt from a treasure map within the sun. While the moon on the back encloses a quote from the book about destiny. And when one is trying to discover their destiny, it normally involves traveling and journeying to some far off place.


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