Blog Assignment One-The Echo


Amanda Nettles

  • Who is the audience? How does the design appeal to that audience

The website I have chosen to analyze and review is called the UCA Echo. Both the print and online version. The audience is definitely UCA students and faculty. Sometimes if the news is bigger other audiences view the site such as other news publications, other students, and possibly diverse age groups. The site is fairly easy to navigate through and consists of different tabs like entertainment, sports, news, etc. so audiences can typically find exactly what they are looking for.

  • How does the layout aid readability and understanding?

The layout is nice. It’s black, purple, and white—typical UCA colors. The site also has photos of the current issue published that week, which is interesting. So the site takes the PDF files of the issue published that week and publishes that issue onto the website. It allows readers to see the articles published for that week if they missed grabbing a copy on campus. It is understandable for readers.


  • How do images clarify and enhance the text?

The UCA Echo hires photographers and volunteers to take photos for every event or news story covered. The pictures usually actually do something for the stories and articles published. They aren’t just random photos or used as a filler photo. They allow readers to get a visual of what happened at an event. The photographers take photos that truly capture something and are really meaningful for viewer.s

  • What mood does the design evoke? How do the design elements work together to create that mood?

The mood of the overall design is calming, professional, and concise. Everything is easy to navigate through and have kind of school spirit as well because of the color scheme. The entire layout and design is well done. The design is clear and concise and viewers can usually find exactly what they are looking for. It is important for students to understand what’s going on, on their specific campus. I think the design allows students and faculty to become informed about what’s going on.


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