Let’s talk about Treasure Island.

I love to read. I have about 500 books in a shoe box I call my room. It was very difficult to pick just one book to analysis. I am a sucker for a great cover, so the book I chose was Treasure Island by Robert Louise Stevenson. It has been one of my favorite books for a very long time. Now, what makes this book effective?

  • Who is the audience?
    • The intended audience is anyone who might enjoy an adventure. It is obvious the book will have a lot to do with a ship and a journey to an island.
    • People who enjoy historical/ fantasy fiction might also enjoy it.
    • The picture and bright colors do a great job at welcoming a reader and giving them something to expect.
    • This book was published in 1883. I concluded that the book was primarily for young people (aspiring readers) and kids who were not told by their parents that it was childish and silly.
  • How does the layout aid readability and understanding?
    • If we are talking about the layout of the book, the chapters are easily and understandably broken up. This particular version is paper back, small and light weight.
    • If we are talking about the cover, as I said before, it does a good job at catching a readers attention. Unlike many other versions of this book, this cover uses bright colors and a fun fonts. It is a very visually appealing cover.
  • How do images clarify and enhance the text?
    • Although there are many versions of this that includes illustrations, this one in particular does not. The only image is the cover; it does a fine job at enhancing the text because of it being the only image.
    • When I look at the cover, I see a very detailed and elaborate piece. That is how I would want the text to be, very detailed and elaborate. I want the text to put me on that ship. For those who haven’t read it, it does just that.
  • What mood does the design evoke? How do the design elements work together to create that mood?
    • As I have said about once or twice and possibly three times, the design evokes a sense of adventure and fantasy. It is easy to conclude that there will be a journey taking place. This journey will not be easy because of the visible raging waters.
    • The way I saw it as is a bit more detailed. Since the book was published in 1883, we know that much of the traveling was done on the water. It’s fair to say that life was not all that easy back then. Plus, we have all read or seen movies about thieving pirates and what not. One could assume this book is about thieving pirates just from the cover.
    • There is more than one mood being set. A calming mood could also be something someone feels when seeing it; a scared or intense mood. (I mean, we have all seen/ read things where people on a big boat have not had the best of luck).

Besides everything I explained, there are many other reasons why this is a great book! Until next time,



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