Pickle Juice Diamonds and Football

Susan Schade


For my first blog post, I decided to review the book Pickle Juice Diamonds and Football by Feather Lynn. It is a book that caught my eye, and I love.

  • Who is the audience? How does the design appeal to the audience?

The audience for this book is young adult although I know people that surpass that age range will enjoy reading and love this book, too. It will also appeal to sports lovers. The cover has a white backdrop with a typical diamond shape baseball home plate in the middle along with a jar of pickles in the upper left corner of the plate and football in the lower right corner. The font on the cover is unique in that every word has a different color and font style. It draws attention with all the contrast.

  • How does the layout aid readability and understanding?

The inside is the usual black and white and not meant for skimmers. On some pages to help break up the wording, it has a page break of three diamonds in a horizontal position. The page breaks in the book help it to not be so overwhelming with words.

The font used inside the book is Times New Roman a standard font. The book divides the story into chapters with chapter names to clue the reader. Thoughts that the characters have are italicized. When there is dialogue, it is in quotation marks. The layout caters to readability and understanding very well.

  • How do images clarify and enhances the text?

This is a chapter book with no illustrations inside. The cover’s images will give the reader a sense of what the story is about or spark some curiosity. I will say they all correlate to the book. The title is not misleading.

  • What mood does the design evoke? How do the design elements work together to create that mood?

The mood is very sporty and food oriented by looking at the cover. The design elements work together through the color of a word matching the pictured item. For example, the word pickle juice is in green. The football is brown, and baseball home plate is cream colored.

Overall this is an appealing cover to me. The story will be enjoyable to any young adult or up in age. I still pick up Pickle Juice Diamonds and Football from time to time and reread this delightful tale.


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