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love-letter-cakeI have never really been one to read blogs. I typically read love stories when I’m not drowning in class reading assignments. Let’s just say, that’s not very often. Today I decided to search for a blog about something that interests me. Never did I know more than today that people do, in fact, write about anything and everything. I found an amazing blog about exactly what I was looking for. Baking.

Yes, baking is awesome. Well, at least in my opinion. I’ve been trained by the best grandmother there ever was in the art of baking, but this blog is not just baking. This is a blog that makes baking look like a true work of art, not just a treat you want to eat.

When I started analyzing this blog, I was immediately fascinated by all of the different creations that I never imagined could be made. The designs used throughout each of the blog posts on the website Sprinkle Bakes are each unique, but they go together in a whimsical way that is very pleasing to the eye. The colors used create a nice contrast that is not too heavy for the eye to look at, which makes it easier to appreciate each yummy treat. The text used in the blog is a fun font that is not serious. This shows that this blog is not to be taken too seriously, but as a more playful way of teaching others. The repetition of this design element helps to connect this theme of playfulness throughout the entire blog website.

animal-constellation-cookies-1aThe layout used displays a picture of a baked good above the text of each blog. This helps the viewer know what recipe they are going to read about, and it sparks an interest if this dessert appeals to them. This helps aid in the readability because it immediately makes it known what you are about to read.These images clarify and enhance the text by looking delicious and unique in nature. Each dessert is creative, and not one you see everyday walking into just any bakery. This blog shows that each dessert has a special quality, which helps to add to the unique factor of the blogs.

This blog uses a design that evokes the moods of hunger, adventure, and being in an experimental state of mind. The desserts displayed within the blog are not the typical chocolate chip cookie. Some have fondant that looks like it has printed text on it. Other desserts have constellations and galaxies on them. There is even a dessert of a cupcake made to look like a cactus. Um, cute! These creative  spins on desserts will spark any viewers attention and sense of adventure if they already have a passion for baking.


The design elements work together to cause this mood through the images displayed within the blogs. You see these images and have a hunger for more. They create a feeling of want. It makes you feel as if you can make these desserts if you put in the time and effort to learn. This blog helps to add to the push that so many hope for when they have a passion for baking, but no inspiration. This blog is where you will find that inspiration.



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