Blog 2 Instructions: Publisher Profile

Our second series of blog posts will help us explore the vast array of publishers and presses.

To complete the blog, you will need to choose a specific publisher (whether a trade press, an academic/scholarly press, a literary journal, an independent/non-profit publisher, or a magazine) and put together a profile. Your profile should provide details and descriptions of the following:

Type of Publisher: What kinds of publications does this publisher produce? Describe its list(s) and aesthetic. How many publications does the publisher develop each year? How many people, and in what functions, does the publisher employ?

Market: Who is the publisher’s market? Is it diverse or narrow? Where does the publisher advertise?

Funding: How is the publisher funded?

Successes: Describe one of this publisher’s success stories.

Challenges: What kinds of challenges does this publisher face?

To complete the publisher profile, you will need to do some behind the scenes research. Explore the publisher’s website as well as reviews and articles written about the publisher. See our list of publishing resources to get started.


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