HarperCollins Publishers


Type of Publisher: The publisher I chose for this blog post is HarperCollins Publishers. They are a trade book company with numerous publishing houses beneath their name. Under their general branch are Broad Side Books and Avon Books. Harlequin Books is their line for teens. HarperCollins Publishers as a whole are diverse so they can appeal to a broad audience. If you love reading christian fiction, they have Faith Gateway. For children, there is Greenwillow, HarperCollins Audio, and Amistad. The genres go from historical fiction to business. If you have a love for books you are sure to find something at HarperCollins.

HarperCollins produces approximately 10,000 books annually in 17 different languages. They have a print and digital catalog with over 200,000 titles. Many publications have won awards such as the National Book Award, Newbery, and Caldecott. Notable authors include, J.R.R Tolken, and C.S Lewis.

HarperCollins has career opportunities all over the world specifically in the United States. They employ book editors, financial analysis, publicist, and publicity managers. I could not locate the exact number of people they hire but did noticed their website says they welcome employees with open arms. For students interested in a future publishing career, they have an internship program.


Market: HarperCollins has a diverse market. They cater to a multitude of people. Children to adults are sure to find something of interest. One of the ways they market their titles is through social media. I follow them on Twitter and Instagram and encourage other book lovers to do the same. They post information recently published titles, or just give an update of what is going on in the office. HarperCollins is very open with their customers.

Funding: Traditional publishers like HarperCollins earn their funding through the sale of books to consumers. HarperCollins sells numerous books per year, but the specific total could not be located. All indications are that HarperCollins is a financially sound company.

Success: For me, HarperCollins has many success stories as a book publisher. Two notable book series that got their start with HarperCollins are The Cornicles of Narnia, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. When they were first released, people could not get enough of them. Both series turned into movie and are still popular today meaning they are producing revenue for the company. HarperCollins is currently considered the second largest book publisher in the world.

Challenges: HarperCollins must move in the direction set by the consumers of books. If demand of e-books dominates the market, then HarperCollins must respond. If consumers shift back to print or to some yet to be invented form, then HarperCollins needs to accommodate to continue to be profitable. Other challenges include finding and publishing the next New York Times bestseller as well as the Newbery and Caldecott medal winners.

James and John Harper founded this company in 1817 as publishers of religious and scholarly books. As the second largest publishers today, they have faced and conquered many challenges.

Source: http://corporate.harpercollins.com/about-us/company-profile




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