connexions • international professional communion journal

connexions-logoconnexions is an online scholarly journal that publishes content regarding international and intercultural communication in both industry and academia. Their publications range from “original research articles, reviews, focused commentary and industry perspectives, and teaching cases.” They also publish video interviews (and transcripts) with experts in industry and academia. “The journal’s subject areas cover the theory, management, design, development, translation and delivery of international professional information, as well as issues relating to the education and training of its practitioners and researchers.” One to two Volumes are published each year containing approximately ten to twenty publications in each.

The webpage has a navigation bar on the left that allows users to easily find the content they are looking for such as Volumes, Call for papers, or Contact information. Each Volume has its own page with a table of contents that links to each individual article in pdf format. This makes it easy for readers to find the works they are looking for as fast and efficiently as possible.


connexions home page.

The journal employs two Co-editors, Dr. Rosário Durão and Dr. Kyle Mattson. A Technical Editor, Dr. James Kalmbach, and an Interview Editor, Dr. Quan Zhou. They also have over fifty Reviewers and twelve Associate Editors. The Editorial Board does not receive payment for their services. To see the full list of connexions staff click view the Editorial Board page.

The journal has a narrow audience in terms of subject matter but it “provides a forum researchers, practitioners, students, and leaders of international and intercultural professional communication.” In terms of advertising, connexions does not have advertisements but they do have an active Twitter and Facebook account.

connexions is an open-access publication, in other words they do not charge readers for any of the content in the journal. They also do not charge authors publication fees.

Due to the open access, the journal is easy for those interested in the field of international and intercultural professional communication to access, but as I said before, the audience for the journal is narrow. The publication is entirely in English which could further limit their audience to those fluent in these subjects in English.

The latest success that the journal has had is with to Peter J. Fadde and Patricia Sullivan’s article, “Designing Communication for Collaboration Across Engineering Cultures: A teaching case,” connexions • international professional communication journal, 1(2), 2013: 135-158, which was awarded the The National Council of Teachers of English awarded the CCCC’s 2015 Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication.


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