Read All About It: Zondervan Publishing

zondervanType of Publisher: What kinds of publications does this publisher produce? Describe its list(s) and aesthetic. How many publications does the publisher develop each year? How many people, and in what functions, does the publisher employ?

Zondervan is a publishing company that produces Christian based books. This publishing company is the most well known of all the Christian publishing companies. It has been producing books for over 80 years. Zondervan is a branch of Harper Collins publishing company, which helps add to its popularity. The types of publications that Zondervan produces include Christian fiction and Christian nonfiction. A few examples of these are the NIV version of the Bible, the VeggieTales book series, Duck Dynasty books, and Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life. To go deeper into the genres that this company produces, let’s look at them in more detail. Zondervan produces marriage and lifestyle books, Jesus storytelling books for children, gift books for holidays, romance fiction, and even Sci-Fi fiction. This range of books appeals to a wide range audience, but I believe the main aesthetic of their books is inspirational. This company sells books in multiple formats in more than sixty countries. Their books are translated into over 200 languages. The company, tied with Harper Collins, revenues $160 million in sales annually. Zondervan’s publishing division was putting out an average of 130 new titles a year. They also had 1,000 titles in the backlist. They have many different branch off companies which have helped developed their profits. These include, Zondervan academic, Zonderkidz, Blink, and Vida. The number of employees they have is close to 400. They pride themselves in being a family business, which higher people that share their same values.


Market: Who is the publisher’s market? Is it diverse or narrow? Where does the publisher advertise?

The publishers market are people who are interested in faith based books and novels. They also cater to people who like to read inspiring or knowledge based books. It is diverse in a sense, but I feel that you will only read these books if spirituality appeals to you in some aspect. If it does not, you may not even pick up a book. The publisher advertises on their website, in stores that carry books, in churches, and in spiritual based businesses. Being a part of Harper Collins helps the advertisement because it is a name that people trust and are familiar with.

Funding: How is the publisher funded?

This company was originally bought by Harper Collins and branch of News Corp. Their profits, along with the annual successes of the books produced through Zondervan help to fund this publishing company.

Successes: Describe one of this publisher’s success stories.

One book that they published succeeded in big ways. 30 million copies of a book named The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. This was a record for the company, but the most sold book that they have published is the NIV version of the Bible. In 2001 Zondervan finished the year with profits of $165 million, the NIV version of the Bible being the reason for a huge chunk of the revenues.

Challenges: What kinds of challenges does this publisher face?

The publisher faces challenges such as the loss of faith and interest in reading in the past few years. As social media rises, the company has tried to keep up with the digital age by releasing its first e-book in the early 2000s. These challenges will only continue as the world begins to change with social media and the perceptions that people have within the world.



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