BatCat Press


BatCat Press is a small Independent Press that was founded in 2009 by a managing directer and six high school students. Since then BatCat has grown into one of the top independent publishers specializing in homemade limited editions of new works by both first time and established authors.
Type of Publisher: This publisher is an Independent Publisher started by high school students but turned into one of the top Independent publishers. They specialize in handmade limited edition new works by both first time and established authors. Since 2009 they have published 12 works of poetry and prose, produced countless broadsides and chapbooks, and sold hundreds of one-of-a-kind journals and artist’s books. This year they have 11 staff members along with 1 managing editor. They employ mainly high school students to give them the opportunity to work in a professional press environment while upholding high literary standards, publishing work that is both innovative and accessible.
Market: The market for this publisher is a small market consisting of those who enjoy poetry, prose, chapbooks, journals and artist’s books but their published items are not limited to an age group they are for anyone who is in high school and older.
Funding: The press is funded by Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School
Successes: One of the publisher’s success stories is that they have been featured to the AWP Bookfair for the past 8 times that it has been held. They also have been featured in a review called “The Best Thing I saw at #AWP15” at Kendraspondence in 2015. The books and various journals they have published have many positive reviews. The press has also been featured in The Beaver County Times in 2016.
Challenges: Some of the challenges that the publisher faces is that it is such a small press and that they do not publish that many books a year. Even with being one of the top independent publishers, they do not do a lot of advertising or marketing to really get their name out there. So because it is such a small press, its hard for them to really have a grip in the publishing world.

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