BenBella Books

10900024_788195871263395_1754322909959680571_oBenBella Books was founded in 2001 in Dallas, Texas. It aims to be a choice for authors who want a more personal publishing experience. Even though they are a small independent publishing company, they are very successful. They have published a lot of well-known authors, along with 14 New York bestsellers. One title also sold over two million copies.



BenBella Books has a small list of that they go by to operate their business:

  1. Publish wonderful, exciting books
  2. Provide our authors with true partnership in every aspect of the publishing process
  3. Creatively and aggressively market every book we publish
  4. Generate significant value for our authors
  5. Understand and exploit the rapidly changing publishing and marketing environment

Type of Publisher: The publishers main focus is Nonfiction, but it does has its occasional fiction stories. From what I could tell from their website, it was filled with a lot of cookbooks, self-help, and biographies. It also has a lot of true crime and pop culture titles. They follow along with most big trade publishing companies, in which they release in the fall and the spring. BenBella has 28 employees whose jobs vary from freelance editors, writers, marketing, senior editors, graphic designers, art director, and many others.

Market: tiny-and-full-380x521From what I could find, their market is adults. The books that they have reach an audience of a healthier group of people. The people who would be interested in their titles would already have some information or already reading the genre. The publisher advertises on all social media platforms. They also have a place on their website for press releases and catalogs. BenBella’s website is also very user-friendly.

Funding: They get their funding like an other big publishing companies through sales of their books. They also have two small imprints, SmartPop Book and BenBella Vegan.

Success: I have not found a lot of success stories about the authors. I did find out that they have 14 New York Bestsellers with one title selling over two million copies. I look all over the site and could not find which one it was. There have been other books that have won awards as well.

Challenges: I have also not found a lot about their challenges. From my research, I found out that BenBella is a pretty big company with smaller imprints. I would say that their biggest challenge would be big trade publishing companies. Compared to them BenBella would be up against alot.




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