Blog 3 Instructions: Exploration of an Issue/Trend

Now that we’ve mapped out the publishing industry and developed a basic understanding of the kinds of publishers involved, it is time to more fully discuss the issues, questions, and concerns those in publishing are currently discussing. As a result, our final series of blog posts will help us delve into the conversations taking place in the field.


  1. Research your assigned topic using the links provided under Publishing Resources.
  2. Write a post that provides an engaging overview of the issue. In the post, include links to three of the articles you read.
  3. Publish your blog post at least one full day in advance of your presentation date.
  4. Prepare a series of discussion questions about the topic. You will use these to lead the class in an in-class discussion the day you present.

We, as a class, will have read your post and the linked articles prior to the start of class the day you present.


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