Self-Publishing is something that has always interested me. There are so many ways to put your work out for people to read besides going through a publishing house. It almost seems like it is a rebellion against traditional publishing.

A few things I do know about self-publishing is that it is all on you, hence the term Self-Publishing. Editing the book is all on you. The designing of the cover is all on you. The marketing is all on you. Printing copies and mailing them that is all on you. No one has said it would be easy, but I think the outcome can be rewarding.

When it comes to self-publishing, my book is going to be an e-book. According to an article I read for indie authors, self-publishers usually use Amazon, but Amazon does not make it easy for most authors with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). KDP allows E-books to be sold to readers. However, readers only pay for the total pages read. If a person does not complete the book then less money is earned.

A challenge that most self-publishers have is getting their books on shelves in book stores. The revenue drop with e-books has taken a toll on authors. Now they are looking to a print format again because that is what readers prefer. You will most likely find self-published books through an e-book/online source.

Something that I found in an article is how many of the self-publishers could possibly get a TV deal. For example, Universal Cable Productions has a deal with Wattpad. If they read a story they like, they can produce a movie for people to stream. Wattpad is an interesting platform for writers as they can post their stories and make money through ads. It sounds to me that Wattpad is a good deal.

The article continued showing how self-publishers list their multiple positions on their business cards because they wear the hats of a consultant, publisher, and marketer. They truly do it all.

Publishers Weekly is my article of reference. It is filled with useful information for author hopefuls. I learned about a site called Book Life. The site is for indie authors looking to put their book out in the world. The site is basically a one stop shop for self-publishing. They will even help you through some parts of the process.

When it comes to marketing a book, you do not have to do it alone.You can hire someone. Not an agent, but there are self-publishing services out there at any writers disposal. This article suggests focusing on the bigger picture. Some steps including:

  1. Reaching out to the desired audience.

If you have social media, already have a target market and you know who should be interested in your book then you are ready. Letters and posts about your book will help build your audience.

  1. Write, write, and write some more.

The number of books you have out matters. If you are a first-time self-published author, you have work to do for marketing. If you have multiple books released, then you more than likely have an audience that will want to know what you are writing. Your marketing work is already half way done.

  1. Use multiple mediums and channels.

If you can put your book on more platforms than just e-book it will help even if it is just posts on Wattpad. Audio, print, YouTube. Anything will help get your book noticed.

  1. Know people

When you know someone with connections it always helps. Try and meet people that can help put your book in the hands of readers. If you do not have that kind of pull, then think of others who can help you. Organizations are a good place to start.

  1. Use good timing

It is important to publish your book at the right time and price. For example, people give books at Christmas. Spend time thinking about your readers and how you want to reach them. You have to think about the big picture for your readers.

Some additional tips I learned for a want to be self-published author include:

  • Patience- it is really important that you do not impulsively publish your first piece of work.
  • Persistence- rejection is normal in this industry so be prepared and don’t let it get you down. Listen to constructive criticism make your book the best you can.
  • Prayer- you always need some help from above.








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