How and Where Books are Sold


  • Before a bookstore decides to sell a book, the publisher gives the bookstore a catalog with that certain seasons new books and a copy of what is on their back list catalog.
  • A sales representative that is either hired by the publisher or an independent sales group whose only association with the publisher is that they are helping sell their titles, they relay book orders and inform the publishers if any book stores need more shipment.
  • There are also book distributors that acts as a marketer, warehouse, and shipping department. They are the ones that sell books to libraries, wholesalers, and bookstore. They take most of the weight off of the publishers in selling the actual books.
  • Wholesalers stock large varieties of titles from many publishers making it an “every once in awhile” kind of place for a bookstore or library to buy their books from.


  • There are many ways and places books are sold, here are some of the most popular bookstores within the United States:
      • Amazon Books
      • Barnes & Noble
      • Bookmans
      • Books-A-Million
      • Books, Inc.
      • Family Christian Stores
      • Follett’s
      • Half Price Books
      • Hudson News, chiefly located at airports and train stations
      • LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Many independent bookstores around the country are also successful in reaching their readers.
  • Books are not only limited to just physical bookstores thanks to the digital age. Online bookstores have made it super accessible for people to buy more books at a faster rate and cheaper cost. Here are some:





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