Effects of Digital Media

The “digital revolution” has singly handily changed the traditional publishing. Digital Media is only one of the forms of the “digital revolution”. With the rise of sales in ebooks, many thought that hard copies of books will be long gone. With the rise of the digital revolution, we also saw the rise of digital media. Digital media does provide a cheaper and easier form of marketing for publishers and authors. But as digital media grows and evolves, it has also become harder for authors to get their name out there. It also helps the publishers to provide a cheaper way of marketing.

“As social media platforms evolve, adding new tools, mobile offerings, and enhanced personalization, indie authors are evolving with them. Facebook, Twitter, and the other major platforms are more crowded than ever, requiring authors to find more creative ways to be heard above the noise.” There is so much more to marketing using digital media than  simply making an account and posting, “Buy My Book!” While using these sites is cheap, there does have to be some money put to get your name around.


  1. On most of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can pay to promote your account and your posts.
  2. Google Ads are a big hit with a lot of self- publishers.
  3. Post Videos on Youtube
  4. Make connections with other authors in the same genre. They can post about your book to help you.
  5. Live streaming on social media. Authors can post live videos to help interact with their readers, such as Q & As.
  6. A interactive website is also a big hit with authors. You can post excerpts along with other things.



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